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Sponsorship & Donations

Curaçao Airport Partners hereby kindly requests all organizations requesting a donation or sponsorship support to complete this form and submit it for evaluation. We ask that your request be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance for consideration. Note that completion of this form does not guarantee that CAP will be able to fulfill your request.

Please fill in your information below or upload your request as a letter.
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Donation and Sponsorship guideline

At Curaçao Airport Partners we are passionate in our support of local educational and charitable causes. Curaçao Airport Partners is flattered by the many requests we get for donations, sponsorships, volunteers, and other contributions to support our communities. As we are an important pillar within this community, we strongly believe in being an active part and investing in this community and doing everything in our power to support the people and different groups in our community.
To ensure the support we provide is within the core principles of our company, we have categorized the focus areas into the following categories:

  • Education
  • Arts and Culture
  • Sports
  • Science and technology
  • Environmental

All CAP’s Campaigns, Donations and Sponsorships must be carried out transparently and ethically, in good faith and always in a way that respects the applicable local laws. CAP prohibits any Campaigns, Donations or Sponsorships:

  • Of resources to political parties, political campaigns and/or candidates for political office using CAP’s resources.
  • To any natural person, including Public Officials and PEPs.
  • To any corporate person with the objective of influencing, directly or indirectly, or for the purpose of bringing any influence to bear upon a CAP business decision or providing and obtaining an Undue Advantage.
  • To religious institutions.
  • For events organized by individuals or institutions with objectives incompatible with CAP’s business principles or which may damage its reputation.
  • With payments in cash or by deposits into bank accounts owned by anyone other than the beneficiary.
  • For any organs or entities of the Governments Entities, except projects of interest to society, if they are aligned with the Donations and Sponsorships Policy and the Guidelines and duly approved by the Ethics Committee.
  • For a corporate person (or with partners and/or administrators) convicted of illegal acts related to corruption, fraud and/or money laundering.
  • The benefits Administrators and Collaborators, such as, by way of example, corporate bodies in which they hold some type of corporate interest involving management and/or decision-making power.
  • That may be associated with any risk to human or animal life or the environment; and
  • That express transgression, restriction or corroborate prejudice, social, racial, gender, sexual orientation, or any other kind of discrimination of any type of group.

We thank those who put their trust in our company to be part of so many meaningful projects and initiatives and wish to remind that our ability to continue supporting organizations and initiatives within this community, depends on our success as an airport. We will continue to strive and hope to be able to help as much as possible within our available means.