Two cars parked at Curaçao National Airport

Parking at Curaçao International Airport

Parking facilities

CUR International Airport offers nearly 300 open-air parking facilities for long- and short-term use. The open-air parking lot is located across the terminal buildings throughout the entire length of the premises. 

CUR International Airport parking system is fully automated and runs up to a maximum of ANG 18.50 per day. Each parking ticket is linked to the car that entered. The vehicle’s car plate number can be seen on the issued parking ticket. 

Payment methods

Payments can be made in Guilders (coins (not square) or bills), US Dollars (bills), via debit card or credit card at the pay stations. 


For your convenience we have different pay-stations strategically located at:

  • One (1) outside of the Check-in Hall, right next to the MCB ATM 
  • Two (2) at the entrance of the Arrivals Hall (on your right) 

Four Step Parking Instructions

    1. Enter the parking lot and take a ticket from the dispenser at one of the entrances.
    2. Each ticket is linked to the vehicle’s license plate. The license plate number is registered on your issued ticket. Take the ticket with you. Do not leave it in your car as you will need this to make payment in order to leave the parking lot. 
    3. When you are ready to leave, pay at one of the available pay stations mentioned above. 
    4. After payment you have 15 minutes to leave the parking lot. The ticket serves as your key to leave the lot. Insert it at the boom to open this.   

Lost your parking card?

If a person loses their parking card, assistance can be offered through the Car Park Office where employees will be able to retrieve the time parked and charge accordingly, issuing a new card with which the vehicle can leave the parking lot premises. The Car Park Office is located on the parking lot across to the west of the Arrival Hall.

Parking Tariffs

Up to 30 minutes
ANG 3.00
30 - 60 minutes
+ ANG 1.00
Every additional hour. Max 10 hours
+ ANG 1.00
More than 16 hours
Daily rate of ANG 18.50