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Sunflower Lanyard for Hidden Disabilities

Sunflower Lanyard for Hidden Disabilities

Not all disabilities are visible – some, such as autism, chronic pain, dementia and anxiety are not immediately obvious and noticeable by those who are not familiar with being around persons who have these. 

Hidden disabilities include learning difficulties, mental health problems as well as mobility, speech, visual or hearing deficiency. 

To CAP inclusion matters in all areas of our operations being for travelers or its own employees and community members. The Hidden Disability Sunflower Lanyard initiative, which is an international initiative executed at airports around the globe, enables someone with a hidden disability to choose to be visible so that support, understanding, assistance or just a little more time may be compassionately and respectfully given when moving through an airport. 

How it works

Wearing a sunflower lanyard and badge at CUR International Airport enables staff to recognize that a person has a hidden disability, and that this person may require additional help, time or assistance when moving through our airport facilities. However, please note that this lanyard does not automatically provide fast-track access through security or passport control. 

How to request a Sunflower Lanyard

If you would like to identify your hidden disability or arrange this for a loved one, you can request a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard through one of the registered foundations/associations listed see below.

 For additional questions or your foundation is not mentioned here, please contact us via [email protected] and we will gladly assist. 

In case you are foundation or association representing clients with a hidden disability and you are interested in joining the Sunflower Scheme Program at CUR International Airport, please send an email to [email protected].

Should you require other special assistance at the airport, please contact your airline or travel agent directly, at least 48 hours prior to travel to ensure this can be handled accordingly. 

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