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Security Screening

An important step before embarking on your trip, just as at any other airport around the world, is the screening process of all travelers flying from CUR International Airport. Our Security Team herewith ensures your and everyone else’s wellbeing, and that your travel experience remains safe and secure. 

While frequent travelers are used to these basic screenings, we wish for all travelers to get acquainted to our CUR International Airport security guidelines as all airports have their security process which may vary. 

Kindly go through and adhere to the hand luggage and overall personal screening guidelines to ensure a swift and stress-free screening process:

Know what to expect

After going through Immigration, you’ll go straight to security screening where the security team will instruct throughout the process.

You’ll be asked to place your handbag/hand luggage including mobile devices, wallets etc. (if at hand) in different plastic trays to go through the screening machine where they will be scanned. While this takes place, you will also be personally subjected to a screening by going through our non-invasive metal detector/body scanner. You’ll be requested to remove your shoes, belts and any metal jewelry and place them in plastic trays as well to go through the screening. 

If any special assistance is required throughout the process, please indicate and team members will gladly assist.

Take good note: pack properly! 

  • Place all liquid items such as cremes, perfumes, hair products, hygiene products in travel size containers of max 100ml each and store these in a transparent quart size Zip Top bag which closes completely. All larger bottles must be packed in your luggage. 
  • Carry all personal items such as important documents, medications and electronic devices in your handbag or hand luggage (carry-on). 
  • Water bottles, soda, juices, or any other beverages cannot be taken beyond this screening point.
  • Food items can only be taken through security screening if properly packed. However, consider that Screening Officers may request to open these for a routine check. 

Your understanding and cooperation in keeping everyone safe is highly appreciated!