CAP’s 2nd annual ‘Safety, Security and Environmental Awareness Week’ was a success

Willemstad, October 2, 2022  ̶ Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP) is proud to announce the successful completion of its second annual Safety, Security and Environmental Awareness Week, which took place September 26-30, 2022.

The goal of this initiative was to encourage CAP employees and members of the airport community to adopt safe and secure work practices that are also environmentally friendly and sustainable. This leads to a safer environment, not only for employees, but also for all stakeholders, passengers and visitors at the airport.

The entire week was focused on creating more awareness on safety and security in and around the airport through an extensive program of online presentations and interactive learning and sharing activities. The resulting knowledge exchange was extremely valuable in order to learn from the expertise and experience of professionals and experts in the field. This year there were also some speakers from abroad, including the keynote speaker at the opening event of the week, Mr. Sheldon Harper, who is Manager of the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago’s Aviation Training Centre (ATCEN). During the week, Mr. Harper also conducted some workshops on the topics of landside security and crisis management. Furthermore, there were also some professionals from Aruba who gave presentations through the week.

“I am especially pleased that we have our speakers from the Aruba Airport Authority joining us this year, to share their knowledge with us,” said Mr. Jonny Andersen, CEO of CAP. He continued, “This solidifies the cooperation agreement that we signed last year among the six Dutch Caribbean Airports. This agreement aims to improve the general quality of each individual airport by facilitating mutual assistance and efficient exchange of information, transfer of knowledge, and sharing of expertise, which is exactly what we are doing during this awareness week.”

At the end of the week, employees and stakeholders at the airport got together for the FOD Walk, to help scan and clean the entire apron area of the airport, and they were joined by members of the press and the Minister of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning, Mr. Charles Cooper. FOD stands for Foreign Objects and Debris, so during this walk, all the participants helped to remove any garbage and/or debris that might be a hazard for the safety of airplanes and vehicles on site.

The CAP team is very satisfied and looks back on a successful and fruitful week, in which the interest of all participants was high, and the entire airport community benefitted from the additional knowledge and awareness that was acquired. This will continue to be practiced during daily airport operations in order to ensure that everyone who comes to our airport is kept safe and secure at all times. We look forward to the third edition of this Awareness Week, in which we will invite all stakeholders of the airport community to participate again next year.

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