CUR proud main contributor of 10-10 celebration!

CUR Airport supports commemoration event focused on community building and empowerment

Willemstad October 8, 2023 – As Curaçao prepares to commemorate October 10, 2010,
this year, an important date in the island’s constitutional history, CUR is proud to be a main
contributor to this grand event which promises to become a great success.

With this beautifully created Free two-day event organized by Downtown Management
Organization (DMO) and being set up with the entire community in mind, providing cultural,
musical, culinary, artistic entertainment to all ages, CUR felt an immediate need to help
realize this event in the grandness and splendour our community deserves.

“We believe this event, created to bring the community together and enhancing nation
building, has all the ingredients to become a yearly captivating ‘Ban Topa’ for all, the young
and elder and all in between. CUR is proud to have been provided the opportunity to be part
of this, allowing us to be closer to the community through this celebratory event that brings
movement to the downtown area with an impactful socio-economic boost.”, CEO of Curaçao
Airport Partners (CAP), Mr. Jonny Andersen, mentioned.

“We are sure that such events have a positive snowball effect. Everyone visiting the event
must get to experience a buzzling Punda, the way we all wish to see it, with a year-round
agglomeration of locals and visitors coming together to enjoy a mesmerizing ambiance in a
place so captivating and unique it takes anyone’s breathe away. We do this for the island
and for the people of our Dushi Kòrsou”, Mr. Andersen continued.

Through the support of such initiatives by providing sponsorships as part of its Corporate
Social Responsibility goals, the airport is even more involved within the community, feeling
proud to contribute to the growth and development of the people and the island as a whole.
The importance of the day being commemorated is for everyone, no matter if born here or
not; it is important for all who live here. Because all who love this island, are lucky to call it
home, and respect, protect and take care of it, are by definition a Kurasoleño/Yu di Kòrsou.
CUR is giving a hand, or better yet two: “Un 10 for di 10 pa un selebrashon tur afó!”. So, join
the celebration with your family and friends. Come and enjoy performances by local and
international artists during these days were Punda is definitely the place to be.

Visit our CUR booth during the day on Tuesday 10-10, located in front of the Parliament
building for a unique airport experience and get to learn more about our airport. While you’re
there, take part in a fun awareness quiz with the chance to win nice giveaways!
More information on this wonderful event, can be found on the Facebook page of the event
‘1010 celebration’.

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