Curaçao Airport Advertising kicks-off 5th anniversary celebration

Adventure-filled campaign to commemorate first lustrum

Willemstad, November 1, 2021  ̶  Curaçao Airport Advertising has started an exciting celebration of its 5th anniversary, and what a celebration it will be! 5 years calls for no less than 5 tremendous prizes, which means 5 lucky winners.

For the past years Curaçao Airport Advertising has grown into an important channel to connect businesses with potential clients. With state-of-the-art advertising displays, it provides the opportunity for businesses to market their products and services in a modern-day way that can quickly adapt to their strategic needs for marketing.

It’s thanks to our loyal customers that we have made it this far, and that is the reason why we are celebrating by giving back. The campaign is exciting and simple. Just register your business between November 1st and 30th, 2021 and participate to win FREE advertising packages varying from 5 weeks to up to 6 months. A tremendous prize that will surely support and contribute to the success of any of the businesses that win.

Participating in this campaign is easy, enter by just following these 3 steps!
Step 1: make sure to Like the Facebook page of Curaçao Airport Advertising
Step 2: also Follow the Instagram account of Curaçao Airport Advertising (so, make sure your settings allow our page to see the pages you like and follow)
Step 3: proceed to register to enter the competition via.

Everyone must register to participate. If a business already likes and follows our pages, they only need to register.

You’ll be entering to win amazing advertising prizes which are:

5th prize: 5 weeks of advertising
4th prize: 2 months of advertising
3rd prize: 3 months of advertising
2nd prize: 5 months of advertising
1st prize: 6 months of advertising

Through the years there have been many types of businesses that have benefitted from the airport’s advertising opportunities, especially businesses in the tourism branch. Now, with this campaign, even more businesses are offered the opportunity to win great promotional packages which will give them an additional push

Notwithstanding the challenges over the past two years, Curaçao International Airport remained an important location for the island where business continuity was crucial. As we now globally see the number of travelers coming through the airports once again increasing, we also see an increase in business opportunities. That is why Curaçao Airport Advertising invites you to get in touch and let them help you grow your business! As for our partners already making use of the services, the team remains at your service for many more five years of working and growing together.

Winners of this campaign will be announced on Friday December 3, 2021, just in time to start making use of this great prize during the busy end of year weeks. For more information on how to register and participate, check Curaçao Airport Advertising’s page on Facebook and Instagram: Curaçao Airport Advertising.

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