Curaçao International Airport launches its own Mamava pod

Offering mothers needed comfort, safety, and privacy to breastfeed their babies

Willemstad, October 29, 2021  ̶   Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP) proudly shares the official launch of its own Mamava pod, a safe and comfortable unit for all nursing Moms visiting, traveling or working, to make use of at the airport to breastfeed or pump. CAP is now the pioneer on the island for this initiative via such pod. The idea to facilitate lactation accommodation was brought to CAP by former parliament member Mrs. Elsa Rozendal during her time in parliament.  CAP hereby thanks her for approaching us with this initiative, which we are excited to have now crystallized and readily available for use.

The Mamava pod is a special designed unit used around the world at different locations to provide mothers around the globe with a private, safe and comfortable environment to breastfeed/pump when necessary, while on the go.

The pod is a state-of-the-art compact seating cube that offers all comfort and safety to feeding or pumping mothers. The interior surface is of high quality providing easy and fast cleaning. The pod has an open grid ceiling for ventilation and fire sprinkler access as well as motion activated interior lighting and ceiling vent. There are outlets and USB ports to power up electrical breast pumps and to facilitate charging of mobile devices while using the pod. Furthermore, there is a mirror, benches, fold-down table, and a Bluetooth enabled Smart Lock with ‘occupied/vacant’ deadbolt to provide security and usage data.

“This is an important moment for us. We are proud to introduce this innovative accommodation here at our airport to facilitate all mothers who pass through our location, being employees, passengers, or visitors. We are now assisting in one of life’s most important moments which is the nursing period of an infant”, said Mr. Norman Gómez, Managing Director of CAP.

The need for such a location has become increasingly urgent globally as the awareness on the importance of breastfeeding continues to grow. Especially now, during the ongoing pandemic it has become even more important for mothers to have the ability to breastfeed their infants so they can receive the much-needed protection that breast milk is known to provide against illnesses.

Not only does the infant benefit greatly from receiving breast milk, but the benefits of allowing mothers to have the time and space to do this, extends as far as in the increase of productivity within companies.

CAP is proud to inaugurate this unit, located at Gate 6, 7 & 8 in the Departures Hall as of today. All users are requested to follow the instructed guidelines in order to keep the pod clean and user-ready at all times.

“Our airport celebrates this new trendsetting milestone which it hopes other companies will adopt as well seeing the importance this has for the development of our future generations and how positively this impacts not just the daily business due to its benefits, but the entire community on a long run”, Mr. Gómez concluded.

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