Precautions and measures taken by CAP regarding the corona virus

Willemstad February 6, 2020 – The recent developments regarding the new Coronavirus has been receiving worldwide attention and CAP, as the operating company of our international airport that welcomes passengers from all over the world on a daily basis, is well aware of the importance of giving due attention to this situation, as it is our responsibility to do all we can to keep this port of entry of Curaçao, our personnel and passengers as safe as we possibly can.

To ensure CAP is well-informed on the situation and assisted accordingly, we have been working closely together with Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth, head of the Epidemiology & Social Science department for Curaçao, for more than a week now in order to be able to manage the situation at hand as it should. We have discussed all precaution measures and other actions that should be taken by our airport and based on his information and recommendations, and in close collaboration with the entire airport community, we’ve agreed on a series of actions of which some are already in place at our airport.

Information sessions have been provided to all CAP employees and stakeholders present at the airport regarding this virus and the precaution measures that should be taken at all times during this situation. Also, to keep our passengers informed, we have provided digital information about hygiene and staying healthy while traveling, which are being projected on different screens throughout the airport. Also, posters containing coughing and hygiene information will be installed in all six jetways. Those visiting our premises and or arriving or departing from the airport will be hearing instructions through the public announcement within the airport regarding what to do if you feel any symptoms. In addition, a procedure is being set in place to be followed in case a passenger with the symptoms of this disease is detected or reported by the airlines, and how to inform the local health authority. Furthermore, we are also sharing information through our social media platforms and will for sure keep looking into other new possibilities.

Thus, CAP has set all these measures in place with the great cooperation of the entire airport community and of Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth and his team, who provided the information. Rest assured that CAP will continue to monitor the developments around this virus.

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