Airport Advertising Virtual Tours

Welcome to our series on Airport Advertising Virtual Tours.

Throughout the series we will be providing you insight into our exciting world of Airport Advertising and provide you with valuable hints & tips that will help you reach your ultimate marketing objectives.

In each episode we will be introducing you to new Advertising Opportunities, and fun & creative ways you can inspire and engage with your potential new clients.

Episode 1: Guerilla Marketing

The Curacao International Airport would like to introduce you to the world of Guerilla Marketing; a marketing tool that enables you to use your creative senses to inspire and attract new potential customers.

Check out the 1st episode of our Airport Advertising Virtual Tour, to get an insight on how you can apply Guerrilla Marketing to your strategy and boost your sales!

See video here.

Episode 2: Digital Advertising

Going Digital at The Curaçao International Airport is just a step away.

The Airport’s digital advertising screens are strategically located throughout the passenger’s journey, so you, as the advertiser can be sure that your product or service will be seen by your target audience.

See video here.

Episode 3: Advertising Led Light Boxes

Light up your brand by advertising at Curacao International Airport.

Curacao International Airport just installed 5 brand new LED Light boxes in strategic locations to provide our advertisers with exceptional exposure.Take your marketing efforts to the next level, by switching to a modern, professional and sophisticated tool that’s designed to enhance every aspect of your artwork.

See video here.

Episode 4: Airport Promotional Counters

Airport promotional counters are strategically located in the airport’s baggage claim area, which gives companies the opportunity to promote their products and services directly to all arriving passengers.

See video here.

Episode 5: Airport Arrivals Locations

The Curacao Airport’s arrival locations are guaranteed to be seen by all arriving passengers. Join us on this journey through the airport terminal where you can see the airport arrival’s advertising locations.

See video here.

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