Local travelers & Airport Visitors

On a daily basis we have a great deal of local travelers and airport visitors passing through the airport. Most importantly, our local frequent travelers, which are frequently exposed to your brand and services. Best part of this audience is that they are based on the island and therefore your brand will be much more accessible to them.

Airport visitors come to the airport to either pick up their loved ones, business acquaintances or simply to make use of one of our airport-based services such as booking flights or simply to visit our F&B outlets.

This is a market which can provide a fast return on investment for your business.

Digital Screens

Have your brand or business exposed on our digital screens, which are strategically located both inside and outside of the airport’s terminals.

The arrival hall digital screen is the perfect screen for exposure to both locals and airport visitors waiting for their loved ones or business acquaintances.


Billboard ads are visible 24/7 for local travelers and airport visitors. Meaning that your business or brand is exposed continuously to your target market. The airport offers a variety in sizes and locations giving you all the needed tools to get your brand seen.

Specialty Opportunities

Get to your target market by making use of unconventional advertising methods.

If you are aiming towards local travelers and airport visitors, then making use of a counter or guerilla marketing will give you the ultimate exposure and interaction opportunities.

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