CAP announces intensification of measurements and guidelines with regards to COVID-19

Willemstad, September 1, 2020  ̶  Taking the recent turn of events, where the country is now facing local transmissions of the virus into account, Curaçao Airport Partners N.V. (CAP) has evaluated its Prevention & Contingency Plan and quickly moved into the next phase which is appropriate for the situation as is at the moment, in order to maintain the level of safety for the passengers and all employees of the airport Community.

As previously informed, the focus of CAP was very much on the inbound and outbound passengers as it was not yet the case that we were having local spreading of the virus. Seen the change of the situation, CAP has implemented as of now an intensification of the rules and guidelines being practiced since the start of the pandemic in all offices and employee circulation areas.


Intensified precautionary measures in all employee circulating areas

CAP employees are now required to wear facial protection/masks within internal areas as well and the number of employees permitted at once in the offices has been adapted to the minimum. As far as work allows, all employees will be working as much as possible from home as recommended by the Government. Daily enhanced cleaning and sanitizing activities have been implemented in all employee circulating areas and visitors are not allowed into these areas unless strictly necessary. If for some reason visitors are to be allowed, facial protection will be a must and they will only be tended to in designated areas as opposed to personal office spaces. Virtual meetings are highly preferable and if not possible to meet virtually, the already established minimum number of attendees to ensure physical distance will be permitted in a meeting or training room only when using facemasks, and the use of hand sanitizer continues to be mandatory at all times. These will be sanitized directly after the meeting or training has taken place. This also applies for all CAP canteens.


External precautionary measures (reminder)

Passengers should keep in mind that the same guidelines implemented from the beginning are still in place, while new ones have been implemented for all airport users to adhere to when having an employee who has been tested positive with COVID-19. Passengers are still strongly advised to check-in online and to arrive at the airport earlier than usual before their flight to avoid lanes, encourage physical distancing and reduce overall congestion. The Check-in hall remains only accessible for the departing passengers and it is required for all passengers to wear a mask inside the airport facilities and strictly follow the physical distancing requirement as shown by floor markings and adhere to the airport’s health and safety guidelines as applied throughout the entire airport. These regulations are also applicable at all restaurants and shops on the outside part of the airport building and in the departure hall which have these rules of the ‘new normal’ in place. Passengers should always keep paying attention to the full awareness of the physical distancing, personal hygiene, and the use of hand sanitizers being announced repeatedly through the public announcement, digital screens, and signs. There is even more frequent cleaning and disinfection in all high traffic areas and office spaces while the amount of hand sanitizing dispensers in designated areas of the airport has been increased. The use of these is highly encouraged.


We kindly remind everyone to continue to keep yourselves and others safe by practicing physical distancing at all times on our premises. CAP is determined to contribute in all ways possible to the fight against this virus by protecting all employees and passengers/visitors. Therefore, no effort will be too great for this goal.

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