Curaçao Airport Partners launches new branding for our airport

A new era, a new name – CUR Curaçao International Airport

Willemstad, Curaçao August 19, 2023 – Curaçao Airport Partners, as the airport operator, festively unveiled the new logo and branding for our local airport past Friday, August 19. As CAP continues its journey into a new transformative era for this crucial facility for the island, this rebrand reflects CAP’s commitment to embracing the role of establishing CUR | Curaçao International Airport as a global gateway, setting the stage for enhanced marketing strategies and international positioning highlighting the island all throughout the modern-day international aviation markets.

With CAP remaining as the current operator of the airport and having launched solely a new branding for the airport, the airport’s new logo features the IATA code “CUR” prominently, underlined with the full name ‘Curaçao International Airport’. This modern and streamlined visual identity is now displayed on the façade of the airport, symbolizing a shift towards a more vibrant and dynamic brand that stands out internationally – a significant milestone in CAP’s ongoing five-year plan for transformation.

The colors of the new logo represent our island’s amazing of beautiful sunsets, which is a daily inspiring spectacle. This mesmerizing sunset, painted in warm hues and softly illuminating the horizon, ignited the creation of the CUR | Curaçao INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT new logo. This logo is more than just a corporate identity; it’s a tribute to Curaçao and its stunning beauty. It stirs feelings of home, warmth, nostalgia and of the rhythm of a song that pays homage to the island’s captivating charm. Today, CUR | Curaçao INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT logo stands for the sublime beauty of the island’s sunset, reminding all who pass through its doors of the unique allure of Curaçao. This nice concept and creation was done by Profound in collaboration with CAP.

The much-awaited unveiling of the new logo on the building was done by CAP CEO, Mr. Jonny Andersen together with the honorable Minister of Economic Development, Mr. Ruisandro Cijntje, Mr. Giordano Molina, Airport Supervision Manager of Curaçao Airport Holding, and Mr. Muryad de Bruin, Director of Curaçao Tourist Board. As part of the distinguished guests present later that evening, were also present the honorable Prime Minister of Curaçao, Mr. Gilmar Pisas, Minister of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning, Mr. Charles Cooper, Mrs. Ruthmilda Larmonie-Cecilia, Minister of Social Development, Work and Welfare, Minister Sithree van Heydoorn of Education, Science, Culture and Sport and Minister Shalton Hato of Justice. Mr Ornelio Martina, Minister for Governance, Planning and Service and Mr. Javier Silvania, our Minister of Finance, were unfortunately unable to make it, however shared their kind words and congratulations to the company.

Furthermore, the whole airport community, stakeholders, and media members were present during this remarkable moment, marking a pivotal juncture in the airport’s history. This moment brought the nostalgia of the past while tying this into the present day. Therewith it not just marked an historic moment, but also set the stage for a bright and promising future for one of the island’s most important economic pillars, being tourism, to continue to thrive.

The importance of this for the island was also substantiated by a beautiful and touching moment during the unveiling, which was the interpretation of the song ‘Atardi’ by legendary artist Mr. Rudy Plaate. The song was performed by local artist Ms. Kris Berry who was invited back home from abroad where she currently resides, to perform during this special occasion and counted on the musical support of iconic local musicians Mr. Randel Corsen and Mr. Michael Lampe of Aruba. As the song perfectly fits and describes the feeling which the logo aims to transmit – a warm and beautiful ‘Atardi’, here on the island, it was more than a logical choice.

“At CAP we know the important role we play in the lives of many. We are not just an entry and departure point for Curaçao. We are a pillar that drives change, where dreams get the opportunity to become reality. We are witness to cherished moments that live on in the hearts of millions and have become an important vein in the heart of this island. This is why we will continue to work tirelessly and relentlessly, to continue evolving into the airport of the future that we need and deserve. As the operator for 20 years already, we will continue with this goal and humbly hope to count on your support for decades to come in order to prolongate this set success story”, said Mr. Andersen.

Mr. Andersen explained that the rebranding is not just a one-day project, it is part of a total package and will include ongoing efforts throughout the coming months. Updates and changes in the physical and digital branding will be gradually implemented and noted as CAP continues to shape and establish this new brand.
CAP thanks all stakeholders for the trust deposited as the operator of our airport and welcomes travelers, partners, and aviation enthusiasts to embark with us on this new journey for CUR| Curaçao International Airport. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and initiatives that will underscore the airport’s commitment to excellence and innovation, which you are all part of.


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