Curaçao Featured In Estadão, Brazil

Willemstad, December 13, 2022 – Recently a promotional article featuring Curaçao has been published in a leading Brazilian newspaper, Estadão. The article promotes Curaçao as a “Paradise for everyone” and highlights all aspects of the destination from nature to entertainment and history to accommodations.

Estadão is owned by Agência Estado, which is an important news agency with an elaborate network in Brazil. This will generate additional exposure of the article and promote Curaçao as a tourism destination on a national platform.

The publication of the article was facilitated by CCR Aeroportos, the largest CAP (Curaçao Airport Partners) shareholder in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Board. CAP and its shareholders are committed towards the continued enhancement and stimulation of tourism to Curaçao.

Click here to view the article (in Portuguese):

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