Curaçao International Airport earns the 2020 ASQ award ‘Best Airport by Size and Region’

Island of Curaçao shines again!

Willemstad March 1, 2020  ̶  The Curaçao International Airport has earned the 2020 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Award for: Best Airport by Size and Region (under 2 million passengers per year in Latin America and Caribbean), a recognition by Airports Council International (ACI) World. Yet another recognition, the 3rd in a row, for the community of the Curaçao International Airport that has been working tirelessly throughout this pandemic.  The entire community is beyond ecstatic with this achievement as it brings with it even more motivation to continue to focus and work hard to surpass the current challenges as a consequence of the pandemic.

As co-CEOs of Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP) stand filled with joy and pride in the airport hall, they share: “The work continues, and the experience, a safe and pleasant one when at our premises, remains the number one priority of each CAP employee and each member of our Airport Community” said Mr. Paulo Mazzali.  Mr. Norman Gómez continued: “When hope, commitment, creativity and talent are combined, it is impossible to not shine through and make a lasting impact which will drive all to persevere”.

As indicated, the Curaçao International Airport was awarded recently with other recognitions. Past November 2020, with the ACI Airport Health Accreditation  ̶  a reward for the efforts of not only CAP, but also all its stakeholders at the airport, for providing a safe and healthy environment to all the personnel, travelers, and visitors, as it looks into all aspects that relate to these groups while on premises. CAP continued throughout to ensure that the best possible practice of health and safety guidelines were provided, and this did not go unnoticed by customers, by visitors as it recently landed CAP ‘The Voice of the Customer’ as well, another recognition by the ACI. The airport community as a whole stood out for its remarkable input to keep passengers, employees, and visitors of the Curaçao International Airport well informed and safe during the ongoing pandemic and visitors shared valuable feedback through ACI’s Airport Service Quality program which resulted in said award.

The Curaçao International Airport invites one and all to stay connected via social media as they continue to share much more valuable information regarding the daily operations, guidelines to continue keeping us all safe, and also the opportunity to participate in fabulous campaigns as the celebration of this yet another great achievement, continues. So, make sure to Like and Follow the Facebook page Curaçao International Airport so you don’t miss out!

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