CAP excited with the re-opening of border with Venezuela

Curaçao International Airport ready to facilitate travelers between the markets.

Willemstad, March 31, 2023 – Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP), congratulates the entire community of Curaçao and that of neighbor country Venezuela with the re-opening of the border between the two countries. A centuries-old connection and bond between the two markets is herewith restored and CAP could not be more excited to facilitate the reconnection.

“Our airport has been preparing for this long-awaited moment. It is not a new market to us seen the historic connection between Curaçao and Venezuela. However, we could say that this is a re-connection and even re-discovery of the markets and between the people that will be taking place. We look forward to welcoming travelers from Venezuela and to being an important hub for other destinations to also get there or visit us from and through Venezuela. This is a tremendous opportunity for our aviation industry, which will be a push for our tourism and consequently the overall economic development of the island”, said Jonny Andersen, CEO of CAP.

As recently stated by CAP, diversity in the destinations from and to the island through our airport is important. With the re-opening of the border with Venezuela, it will see the opportunity to increase the number of passengers from Latin America and creating even more balance within the traffic numbers.

This important development fits right into the plans presented by the airport, to diversify and grow further. The airport has been preparing for this moment and most of the operational aspects are in place as airlines are already making arrangements for approvals to operate between Venezuela and the Dutch Caribbean. Curaçao International Airport is ready for a possible immediate increase in travelers visiting, departing, and transiting from this destination.

“This is such a positive development in not only an economic sense, but also from a cultural and human aspect. We congratulate all those involved in making this finally possible”, Andersen added.

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