CUR brings Customer Experience Awareness to local celebration of World Tourism Day

Focus on enhancement of the overall experience within the aviation industry

Willemstad September 29, 2023 – CUR | Curaçao International Airport celebrated World Tourism Day on Wednesday, September 27, 2023, with the launch of its own first annual Customer Experience Awareness Day. With Customer Service being a key element within the Tourism industry, and CUR focusing on excelling in its core activities, the overall service experience at our airport remains high on the agenda. 

Created for all members of CUR Airport community, this enlightening one-day event counted with an international professional on the Customer Experience area, who equipped the attendees with valuable tools to continue executing their daily tasks at their highest and most fruitful potential.

During the opening event which counted with the presence of distinguished guests including the international keynote speaker, Mr. Steve Mayers, Customer Experience Director and Senior Marketing, Communications officer at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, as well as Mr. Muryad de Bruin, Director of Curaçao Tourist Board, one of CUR’s highly appreciated industry partners.  

CEO of Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP), Mr. Jonny Andersen, indicated during his opening words: “We’ve have provided information on our strategic plan and have assured we involve and inform stakeholders, our airport community, and the island by sharing on the steps we take and will be taking to enhance and create the airport of the future. We are actively rolling out plans regarding our premises, creating new initiatives, expanding our destinations’ portfolio, and doing so much more to provide the best of the best to our customers. An important part of this enhancement includes the overall experience each person has when visiting or being in contact with our company. As a service providing company, Customer Experience is the basis of our daily operations”.  

All activities for this day were set to foster a customer centric culture within the airport community, to assure that everyone truly understands their responsibilities in the collective goal to achieve excellence in the service being provided, by improving the courtesy and helpfulness of all airport staff. 

The main goal of this day was to go deeper into the minds, values and believes of the team members when it came to their perception of their roles, to better understand them and where needed, make them even more aware of the impact they have on the start and end of the journey of all travellers. The experience being provided is crucial as it is the first and last impression, they will take along to hopefully promote the island. 

This shows that an airport provides more than just a service, it is an important part of a chain that creates a total package of experience for those visiting a destination for whatever goal; being personal, business, or other. Each CAP employee and all members of our airport community therefore have a huge role and responsibility in being an ambassador for our airport and with that, automatically for Curaçao. 

As further indicated by Mr. Andersen, the sharing of knowledge and experience elevates companies in not just the aviation industry, but in any other. CUR is therefore grateful to have had international guest speaker, Mr. Steve Mayers, Customer Experience Director of Atlanta Airport who contributed during this Customer Experience Awareness Day. With Atlanta’s airport being the busiest airport in the world, the team looked forward to his insights and took this valuable shared knowledge into their own set journey of growing passenger’s traffic.   

Mr. Andersen thanked everyone who took part of this successful first edition and indicated that he counts on further support from the entire local and international community for all the exciting developments that are yet to come.  

This was just the first of what the airport hopes to be many more annual Customer Experience Awareness Days. Additional events and projects will be happening throughout the year in support of the implementation of the set strategies to enhance the customer experience in all areas of the airport. 

CUR invites the community of Curaçao to stay tuned for the launch of its first newsletter during the coming days. This will be another platform provided by the airport through which much information will be shared on initiatives like this one, inside peeks into ongoing projects, and much more! Look out for the official launch and make sure to sign up! 

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