Curaçao Airport Partners and ABC Busbedrijf open additional, customized bus stop at the Curaçao International Airport

Enhanced public transportation service for Airport community

Willemstad, March 4, 2021  ̶  Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP), the first local private company to have requested the installation of a fully customized bus stop at its location to ABC Busbedrijf and the local Government, has successfully received a positive reply to the request and with this, enhanced the public transportation experience of all CAP employees and members of the airport community who make use of these services.

CAP continuously looks into ways to improve the overall experience of its employees, travelers and visitors. With this in mind, it was a no-brainer that the situation at the airport with regards to the public transportation had to be revised and enhanced seen that the location only counted with one bus stop on such large operational area. The location of this only bus stop was unfortunately also not the most efficient as it was located towards the end of the premises on the west side of the Airport, while the entry to the location for employees, deliverers and visitors was more far east. This logistical dilemma was not the greatest for the comfort of employees who rely on public transportation or even visitors and travelers who make use of these services to make it on time for their travels.

What also makes this bus stop extra special is the fact that it is fully customized to the look and feel of our airport. Thus, it is not the usual bus stop as can be seen throughout the island but stands out for the unique design and use of colors.  Users and visitors will notice that the sign at this stop is in the look and feel of the distinctive so called ‘way findings’ within and around the airport. The original bus stop on the west end of the premises received a facelift also and has been fully customized to match this new bus stop and have both uniformed in the look and feel of the Curaçao International Airport.

ABC Busbedrijf was glad to help upon receiving this request and CAP is immensely grateful for the great support received. The opening of this additional, customized bus stop serves simultaneously for the launch of the ABC Busbedrijf app, which contains valuable passenger information and CAP is honored to be part of this as well. The bus stop at the Curaçao International Airport also has the premiere of being the first to be having the route timetable placed at the back of the bus stop sign. Passengers will thus have accurate information on the time and route and planning their trip will be much easier.

“We are so proud to have accomplished this for the comfort of our employees and visitors who make use of public transportation. The start or end of a workday can be much more relaxed for those who make use of public transportation as this bus stop’s location is right in front of the door and has the timetable information for easier reference. No more worrying about not making it on time”, said co-CEO Mr. Paulo Mazzali.

The airport has been celebrating many achievements and is adding yet another to the list with the opening of this bus stop that will greatly serve all users.

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