Curaçao Airport Partners N.V. Head Office and Jet Centre Curaçao receive Sustainability Certification from the Curaçao Business Platform for Sustainability

A press release from BPM

Curaçao Airport Partners N.V. (CAP)’s Head Offices and Jet Centre Curaçao received the first level of the sustainability certification in the program for sustainability standards developed by BPM the Curaçao Business Platform for Sustainability, an association which supports Curaçao businesses in their quest towards higher sustainability.

Certificates for Minimum Sustainability Standards (MSS) are awarded to companies that comply with set guidelines. These include aspects such as sustainable and efficient management of the environment, waste, water, and energy, as well as human capital, appropriate customer care and giving back to the community.

CAP Administration Office and Jet Centre Curaçao have complied convincingly with the requirements by equipping most of the facilities, the parking lot, and parts of the platform with LED lights. Furthermore, waste is separated and recycled where possible, the company has introduced water-efficient faucets, and there are movement sensors to switch lights on and off. There are several safety measures in place to keep employees safe, clients can easily file complaints through the company website and the company gives back to the community through donations and scholarships. The entire CAP organization is also working on the international “Airport Carbon Accreditation Program”.

At the recent handover of the Award, CAP also discussed the effect of the sustainability measures on its bottom line, its planned efforts to promote sustainability among its tenants, as well as the planned forest with local trees, which has been somewhat delayed due to the pandemic.

In the picture, CAP’s CEOs and Sustainability Team receive their award and certificate from the team of the Business Platform for Sustainability.

For more information regarding the certification of MSS, contact [email protected] or visit the website of BPM

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