Curaçao Airport Partners rings in the Holiday Season with 7 Weeks of Holiday Deals!

Willemstad, November 22, 2021– With the holidays, comes the shopping, and Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP), together with all its shops, restaurants, and bars at the airport, have prepared the best of deals to pamper you and your loved ones during this holiday season! Indulge in the best deals our shops, restaurants and bars will be offering for the coming 7 weeks. Yes, 7 weeks of Holiday Deals as we get to Christmas and count down to a new year.

Waiting for a loved one to arrive or for your flight to depart? Drop in and enjoy the specials or to grab a bite and some drinks. Or do you need a last-minute gift for your loved ones? We have got you covered!

“The holiday season is such a magical time. It’s one of the busiest seasons for us at the airport and we found it important to give our passengers and visitors this pampering which they truly deserve. They have been with us through this challenging year, and we are grateful for the continuous support. This is our way of showing our gratitude”, said Norman Gómez, Managing Director of CAP.

All stores, restaurants and bars will be sharing their weekly deal which you can also find out more details about by scanning the QR code, shared at each location, or on the social media platforms of “Curaçao International Airport”.

This campaign is for travelers and visitors, lasts from November 22, 2021, till January 9, 2022.



Willemstad, Novèmber 22, 2021 – Temporada di fiesta ta tambe un temporada pa hasi kompra i Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP), huntu ku tur su tiendanan, restorantnan i barnan na aeropuerto, a prepará e mihó dilnan pa malkriá abo i tur bo sernan kerí durante e temporada di fiesta aki! Disfrutá di e mihó dilnan den transkurso di e 7 simannan benidero. Si, ‘7 Weeks of Holiday Deals’, segun nos ta yega Pasku i Aña nobo.

Bo ta warda riba un ser kerí ku mester yega òf riba bo buelo den sala di salida? Bishitá nos i disfrutá di e dilnan pa algu di kome òf bebe. Òf bo mester di un regalo na último momento pa bo sernan kerí? Nos tei pa bo!

“E temporada di fin di aña ta unu asina mágiko. E ta un di e temporadanan di mas drùk na nos aeropuerto i nos a haña ku ta importante pa malkriá nos pasahero i bishitantenan ku e dilnan aki, ta algu  ku sigur nan meresé. Nan tabata ku nos durante e aña aki kual tabata yená ku reto, i nos ta agradesido pa nan sosten kontinuo. Esaki ta nos manera pa demostrá nos gratitut”, señor Norman Gómez, Managing Director di CAP a indiká.

Tur tienda, restorant i bar lo publiká nan spèshelnan semanal, kual bo por haña tambe dor di scan e QR code ku lo ser kompartí na kada lokalidat òf tambe riba e plataformanan sosial di “Curaçao International Airport”.

E kampaña aki ta pa tur pasahero i bishitante i lo dura di 22 di novèmber 2021 pa 9 di yanüari 2022.

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