Successful conclusion of weeklong Aircraft Recovery training at CUR

Safety and Security remain a top priority for the airport and its key partners.

Willemstad, September 20, 2023 – CUR | Curaçao International Airport proudly concluded a weeklong Aircraft Recovery Training, which took place from Monday September 11 to Friday, September 15, with a group consisting of employees, airport community members and key partners. Each participant received valuable information to enrich their knowledge on this critical aspect of the aviation safety and overall operations.

Aircraft Recovery Training addresses the process of safely bringing an aircraft back to the ground or water surface in the event of an emergency or malfunction. The level of preparation for such a situation is an utmost important and crucial aspect of the operations as it concerns foremost to ensure the safety of passengers and crew on board during such an event.
Mr. Michael Hoehenberger, COO of Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP), indicated: “Swift and effective aircraft recovery procedures can help prevent catastrophic crashes that can lead to loss of life, prevent secondary damage to aircraft and property damage, as well as environmental disasters.”

A group of twenty participants received theoretical training for four days and went out into the field on the last day for the practical part of the training. This intensive weeklong training was provided by an expert in the field, Mr. John Olsen of the company RESQTEC.

RESQTEC has extensive experience within the industry and was able to train key members of the operation during an eventual situation. The number of stakeholders involved during such a possible event is extensive. Internal and external parties all would need to align and communicate effectively under stressful circumstances. Proper preparation and coordination are key for seamless execution of guidelines and procedures when/if necessary.

“We continuously hold safety and security training with even an annual week dedicated to this topic. We do not underestimate the importance of proper Aircraft Recovery preparedness and have called in the support of a renowned company to assist in providing even more training to our team members.”, Mr. Hoehenberger continued.

CAP emphasizes on its commitment of strengthening the internal Aircraft Recovery procedures including having the necessary equipment in place as giving the necessary attention to this aspect reinforces public trust and is part of the regulatory compliance. Effective recovery procedures and well-trained personnel in all aspects of the daily operations are essential for preventing accidents, saving lives, and preserving valuable assets.

Clean As We Walk at CUR a great success

Airport commemorates World Clean Up Day through customer experience driven initiative

Willemstad September 18, 2023 – As over 195 countries and territories including Curaçao stood still on the impact of waste pollution globally past Saturday September 16, on World Clean Up Day, CUR | Curaçao International Airport also joined this awareness day driven by clean-up activities through its own Clean As We Walk event.

While World Clean Up Day provided the opportunity to individuals, groups, companies, and other organizations to take part in cleaning different areas of the island, the airport community joined the activities and efforts through the clean-up of their parking area which is intensively used daily.

“Our employees looked forward to getting out there and contributing to multiple causes while working together to achieve a common goal. Not only did they roll up their sleeves and helped to clean and contribute to the environment, but they also contributed to the safety and an enhanced overall experience at our airport for all travellers, visitors and personnel while doing so. This is a remarkable demonstration of commitment and care. It makes me proud to be part of such an outstanding team” said Mr. Jonny Andersen, CEO of Curacao Airport Partners. As the team gathered bright and early at 7am on this day to kick-off the event, they were excited to make use of the opportunity to bond while making a positive impact. They collected a considerable number of items such as plastic bottles, cups, cutlery, glass, aluminium cans, wrapping items and more. While the team felt proud to have freed the area of so much waste, they were also concerned about the littering behaviour and mentality which needs to change urgently.

“This is just a small part of all the efforts we put into creating awareness within our community for everyone working here and those going through our airport, while we continue to steadily expand these efforts to go beyond our airport premises. A clean surrounding is of extreme importance for the experience you have at a specific location. Therefore, to us, providing our travellers, visitors, and the entire airport community with an exceptional experience through clean facilities is one of our main goals. We will continue with initiatives and awareness efforts to support this.” Mr. Andersen continued.

This first edition of the Clean As We Walk event served as the prelude of the airport’s upcoming Customer Experience Awareness Day (CX Day) taking place on September 27, 2023, being on a remarkable day for the industry, World Tourism Day. The entire airport community will be engaged during an informative and transformative day providing all community stakeholders with additional knowledge and tools on this highly important topic for the airport, being the service to be provided by all who play a role at our airport.

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